Thai Bodywork

Rachel provides Thai bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, and Reiki
She specializes in helping cyclists, dancers, runners, swimmers, and yogis

Thai bodywork offers lasting relief
Services offered: Rachel is sought out by athletes and yogis who have persistent pain or dysfunction and want to regain strength and full range of motion. Traditional Thai bodywork soothes aches and pains and brings the body and mind into a refreshed state of flexibility and balance. The client lies and sits on a futon on the floor and is gently moved and pressed into various positions and stretches. The client does not need to be flexible or strong. Pressure is applied with the feet, knees, elbows, palms, and fingers along energy meridians (sen lines). All Thai sessions, even those that focus on the upper body, will include some Traditional Thai foot reflexology which feels fabulous, relieves congestion along the energy lines of the feet and lower legs, and coaxes the whole body into equilibrium. Thai recipients enjoy profoundly deep and lasting relaxation, a strong sense of well-being, and contentment. Clients are also taught self-care massage for further improvement between appointments.

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist Chinese form of abdominal work. Gentle but deep touch allows internal organs to work more efficiently. Unprocessed emotions and all of the body systems are addressed: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, muscular-skeletal, and the acupuncture meridian system (Chi). Chi Nei Tsang encourages the body to heal itself.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. The practitioner’s hands only hover over or rest lightly on the recipient, coaxing balance to the mind, body, and emotions. Recipients often fall into a deep meditative state during the session. Afterward, they feel more centered, poised and less reactive.
Reiki can be done with no touch or light touch

Reiki can be done with no touch or light touch

Rachel is especially effective in helping clients with:

  • postural distortion due to chronic pain or muscular imbalance,
  • post-race or post-performance fatigue,
  • chronic pain of the face, head, neck, and shoulders,
  • thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff injury, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • tension headache, and migraine headache,
  • mid and low back pain,
  • constipation, irritable bowel syndrome,
  • insomnia, and
  • grief, anxiety, and indecision.

What does it cost: Thai or Chi Nei Tsang (w/ or w/o Reiki): 1.5hrs for $108, 2hrs for $164, 2.5hrs for $216, 3hrs for $250.
Reiki alone: 1 hour is $75 (allow additional time for 1st session).
Return within 30 days for a $10 discount.

Gift certificates are available via email.

How to schedule: Please use the Contact page to request an appointment. (The Google phone option is not currently working.) Messages are returned quickly. Sessions are on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesday evenings. Additional days/times are sometimes available.

How to prepare: Print, complete, and bring this form to the first session. Eat lightly (do not fast).

How often should I have bodywork: It depends. A single session is transformative, but results are enhanced by regular sessions, in the same way that the body responds to a consistent exercise schedule and the mind responds to a consistent meditation practice. Suggested frequency is monthly for maintenance or weekly while in training, recovering from surgery, or experiencing other physical or emotional stress.

All sessions include organic aromatherapy oils and a customized blend of steamed, Thai herbs known as Luk Pra Kob (the aromatic herbs are very good for addressing pain and inflammation).

Rachel Kates

in Chicago’s West Lakeview neighborhood at 3717 N. Ravenswood Avenue
CTA Addison Brown Line—indoor bike rack—ample free street parking

    Also available on some weeknights at the yogaview yoga studio in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Contact yogaview for booking and pricing at that location.

    Providing sports massage, deep tissue massage, restorative massage, Tuina massage and Reiki energy healing for bicyclists, cyclists, crossfit, dancers, triathletes, joggers, marathon runners, Chicago marathon, P90X, swimmers, yogis and yoginis. Providing postnatal massage, postpartum massage, PMS, and menstrual relief massage. At location conveniently near the following Chicago neighborhoods: Andersonville, Boystown, Bucktown, Buena Park, Edgewater, Lake View, Lakeview, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, New City, Near North Side, Clarendon Park, Uptown, DePaul, Edgebrook, Edgewater, Edgewater Glen, Jefferson Park, Gold Coast, Goose Island, Near North Side, Graceland West, Grand Boulevard, Greektown, Near West Side, Hegewisch, North Park, Irving Park, West Lake View, West Lakeview, Lakewood/Balmoral, Roseland, Magnificent Mile, Near North Side, Museum Campus, Near South Side, Near North Side, New City, Loop, West Town, North Halsted, North Park, North Center, O’Hare, O’Hare Airport, Old Irving Park, Irving Park, Old Town Triangle, Ranch Triangle, Old Town, Palmer Square, Park West, Portage Park, Roseland, Printer’s Row, Loop, Ranch Triangle, Ravenswood, Ravenswood Gardens, Ravenswood Manor, River North, Rogers Park, Roger’s Park, Roscoe Village, North Center, Rosehill, Saint Ben’s, St. Ben’s, Sauganash, Sheffield Neighbors, The Loop, Streeterville, Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Wrightwood, Wrightwood Neighbors, Wrigleyville,